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Upcoming $5 gift card on $25 or more of school supplies at Target!


YES! We have a very nice Target Coupon coming in the 8-3 Target ad for a FREE $5 Gift Card with School Supplies Purchase of $25 or more. While this coupon will appear in the actual ad – there is a mobile version too and you can get this coupon now by texting SCHOOL to 827438. Even though you can get it now- this coupon will not be valid to use until 8/3 to 8/9. This coupon is a threshold coupon, meaning as long as you meet the spending requirement before tax, you should be able to hand over the coupon first to get your Gift Card and then use other coupons for individual items along with it.

So if you need school supplies of $25 or more hold off until Sunday and head to Target with your coupon!

Thanks Totally Target!

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Free and almost free Post- Its and Scotch Tape


If you are heading out to Target make sure you print the following coupons for before you go!

Post-it Notes item$1/1 Post-It Notes Target coupon here. Check the Back to School Section for single Post-It Notes for $1.02 ( I got mine at 173). The coupon makes them just $0.02

Scotch tape or scissors item $1/1 Scotch Tape or Scissors Target coupon here. Check the $1 / $3 Spot at the front of the store for a 2 pack of Scotch Tape for just $1. Again I got mine at the 173 store.  The coupon makes it free. You may also find Scotch Tape back in the Back to School area but it is a single pack I believe also for $1 so free after coupon!

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20% off all orders at Birthday Express

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Birthday Express Surprise Sale - Save 20%

If you have birthday party coming up, now is the perfect time to order your party supplies because you can Get 20% off all orders at Birthday Express! Just make sure to enter coupon code 20BXSURPRISE at checkout and order by 7/29 to get your 20% off savings.

Birthday Express is the #1 online party store with over 500 party themes to choose from, including popular favorites such as Disney’s Frozen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In addition to party supplies, Birthday Express also has a huge selection of party favors, decorations, costumes and even personalized banners and party invitations. Shop now!

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How to shop…Menards


In keeping with our series of posts here is a “How to shop…Menards” post for you.

You can check out our previous posts in this series here which includes How to shop Target, How to Shop Schnucks and How to Shop CVS.

So, how to shop Menards.

Yes Menards is a home improvement type store but it is so much more! They sell everything from appliances  to  building materials to doors and windows to grocery and household items and more!


Menards most often run several ads at one time . You can always check for current sales on their page here.

Mail in Rebates:

One of my favorite things at Menards is their Mail in Rebate program ( MIR)! Watch the ad for sales that say something like $29.99 with a $10 MIR.  That means you pay $29.99 and submit the bottom of your receipt  along with the rebate form and they will send you a $10 rebate. MIRs look like this when they come in the mail:

menards mir They are basically a check type form that comes and it is good for the amount on the check ( above $10) in store “credit”. So when you shop you pay with your MIR!

This past weekend I used the above MIR to do this:

menards july 27

You can see details of that trip here. I paid with the $10 MIR and  just $0.21  for everything above! I will submit for another$7.61  in MIR!

Now you may be wondering how I got the $10 MIR to begin with. The $10 MIR came from buying 2 Babycakes here. They were only $9.99 each to begin with ( which was a  GREAT PRICE!) We have paid for the waffle stick one already by how much we have used it! Come holiday baking time I will be using the brownie one more with a couple of specific recipes :)

See how I am working Menards? Have a MIR to use, I use on other items that also have a MIR or put it towards things that you need. In the above picture the filler paper is for school for my daughter, the glue will be donated, the Clorox I use, the storage bins are already full of small “stuff” and the votives will be used for small gifts that always seem to come up around the holidays!

How long do I have to use my MIR?

One thing about MIR from Menards is that THEY NEVER EXPIRE!  So there is not that pressure to use it before it expires! I used one recently that I found when moving that was from Black Friday…2012!

And you CAN use more than one MIR at a time!

Although I havent tried this, readers report that you CAN use only a partial rebate, that the store will just write a remaining balance on the rebate form.

So how do you know where to send your rebate?

Check the bottom of your receipt. It will print with another receipt that will tell you there is a MIR attached to an item you purchased. There is a MIR number on that receipt – for example Rebate #0123. Once you check out, stop at the customer service desk. They have all of the rebate forms towards the bottom of the desk. Just find the number – say 0123 and tear off a form. Then simply fill out your information on the back, tear off the MIR part of your receipt and mail it in to the address on the form.

Sometimes it can be BUSY at that desk so I just come home and print a rebate form. You can print them from here and then simply mail them in!

Keep in mind that it can take 6-8 weeks for your rebates to arrive. I seem to be running about 4 weeks on mine right now.

BUT…can you use coupons at Menards?

YES!!!!!!! I used a $1/1 Clorox 2 coupon in this trip.  Menards carries a lot of household items like PG products, Scrubbing Bubbles etc so take your coupons when you shop!


My only issue with Menards is that I feel like I search for EVERYTHING! Sometimes their placement of products isnt logical to me. For example you will find laundry items at the front of the store by where you go through the turnstile to enter the store on 173 in Machesney Park. Logic to me would say that is where I find Clorox 2, right? Nope…Clorox 2 is almost always …in PLUMBING on an end cap ( to your left past the light department). Logic to me would say glow sticks would be by outdoor stuff ( toys etc). Nope back end right  of the store in an aisle :)  I have learned to ask where items are located…and have learned that even staff many times do not know! Just be prepared to hunt for products. Staff is always very helpful at the 173 store…and sometimes just as confused as I am as to the location of an ad product :)

Black Friday!

But that said…I do most if not all of my holiday shopping Black Friday week online. BUT I take a break from posting deals for you all Thanksgiving night into the wee hours of Black Friday and actually head to Menards on 173. They are BY FAR one of my favorite places to shop Black Friday and BY FAR the MOST organized store for BF shoppers!  HUGE KUDOS to the Menards 173 staff for  continuously being well prepared, happy, smiling and organized! I WILL be in again this year with a full cart and my coffee :) (FYI the 173 store is the only one I shop so I cannot attest to others :)

I hope you found this helpful and that is clarified – or even educated you- on how you can save at Menards!

! Make sure to check out the other How to Shop… in this series includes How to shop Target, How to Shop Schnucks and How to Shop CVS.

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Dollar Tree to buy Family Dollar

dollar_tree logofamily dollar logo

Dollar Tree announced that they are buying Family Dollar to  try and fend off comeptition from Walmart and Dollar General.

Dollar Tree said Monday it is buying rival discounter Family Dollar for $8.5 billion, significantly broadening its reach as it looks to fend off Wal-Mart, which has been stepping up its courtship of lower-income customers – ABC News


So what are your thoughts? Read the full story here on ABC News

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