Reader deals! New couponers successes!

I know you all get sick of seeing what I do. Some of you have said “I wont ever be able to do what you do!” Im always saddened by that because I dont do anything magical! I just work deals.

So here is a reader deal for you. Jake and Leslie have been couponing just a very short time! They worked though the beginning frustration of not having coupons, head spinning as to what deals were where etc. Frustration set in but I kept encouraging them. NOW LOOK AT THEM! Here is what they got today!!!

Target transaction #1

Bought 5 boxes of Kellogg’s cereals:

2 Raisin Bran

3 Frosted Flakes

Bought two 4-packs of Activia yogurt

Before coupons= 17.75

Used: one $5/5 Kelloggs cereals coupon, one Target coupon for $2/2 Activia, 2 $1/1 Activia coupons

After coupons, plus tax= 7.90, and got a $5 Target giftcard

Target #2

5 boxes of Nutrigrain bars (2.50 each)

2 jars of Bertolli pasta sauce (1.89 each)

2 Reach floss, 55yds (.97 each

1 package of baseball card holders (4.99) (ha for coupon binder!)

Before coupons= 23.21

Coupons used: one Target coupon for $1/2 boxes of Nutrigrain bars, one $1.50/2 Bertolli coupon from Sunday’s inserts, two $1/1 Reach floss coupons from this Sunday’s inserts (which made them free!)

Also used the $5 giftcard from first transaction

After coupons & giftcards, plus tax= 14.31, and received a $5 giftcard from Nutrigrain bars

Walgreens transaction #1

One Similac formula, concentrated on clearance for 5.99

Used $5 rebate check from Similac

Final cost plus tax= 1.05

Transaction #2:

One Similac formula, concentrated (clearance for 5.99)

One dozen large eggs (1.29)

Toufayan cinnamon raisin bagels (1.29)

Harvest Pride english muffins (1.29)

Dean milk, 1 gallon 2% (2.99)

Glade expressions spray (3.99)

Before coupons= $16.84

Used one $5 Similac rebate check, coupon for free milk with purchase of 3 breakfast items, $2/1 Glade expressions starter kit

Had $5 in Register Rewards

After coupons, plus tax= $2.31, and got a $1.50 RR for Glade!

BOOM! Now thats what Im talking about with couponing!!!!!

Jake and Leslie…You did an AWESOME JOB!!!!!!

Ok a couple of things with this (and Im sooo NOT criticizing their success!). A couple of things that can help save even more the next time! (sometimes its just a matter of thinking things through. If I know Jake and Leslie they were so excited about Walgreens when they went to Target that the didnt think about 3 transactions :) )

They could have done 3 transactions. The first just as they did. The second just Nutrigrain. Pay with the $5 Gift card from transaction 1 and the $1/2 coupon for an oop of $6.50 and got a second $5 gift card. Then the third transaction do the rest of the items (Bertolli $3.78) Reach floss ($1.94) and card holders $4.99. Use the $1.50/2 Bertoli, the floss coupons $1.97 off and pay with the $5 gift card from Nutri Grain for an oop of $2.24. That would make their total oop$16.70 instead of the $22.21 ($5.51 difference)

Walgreens: They did have to break up transactions The rebate checks say one per transaction on them


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