And away we go…TRIPLE COUPONS at Schnucks/Logli/ Hilander!!!

Oh yes TRIPLE COUPONS AGAIN! You can triple coupons at your Rockford/Roscoe/Janesville and DeKalb Schnucks/Hilander/Logli stores Wed March 21- closing/midnight Tuesday March 27). To find a store near you click here. For our Chicagoland readers, your easiest access stores are probably the DeKalb Schnucks store ( off of I 88), CherryVale Hilander ( off of 20 which you can access off of I 90) and the E State St Logli ( you can access State St off of I 90). If you are coming from out of town and have questions (or even if you arent from out of town!)  please feel free to email us at We are here to help!

Limit of 20 coupons tripled per day per household ( you can use more than 20 coupons but only 20 will triple so make sure to give the triples first and have up to 20 to triple)

Triple coupons apply to coupons that are $0.55 face value or less. Coupons at a face value of $0.56 and over will be redeemed at face value

As always limit of 3 like coupons per transaction

With tripling I would expect them to make you stick to the 20 and to the 3 like coupon per transaction policy!

Other important info:

  • No rain checks.
  • Coupon value may not exceed price of item.(no overages)
  • Excludes FREE coupons, Schnucks/Hilander/Logli coupons, tobacco coupons and items prohibited by law.
  • They reserve the right to limit quantities purchased and coupons redeemed (so yes they can limit the number of total coupons you use at a time, although Ive never had enough for them to do that!)
  • You can read the general coupon policy here
  • As they did the last time, they have been planning this and ordering! Im not sure that I ever had a problem getting items I was after ( however yes if you go at 6 p.m. on Sat they may not have had time to restock!)
  • Tell Schnucks what you think about your triple expereince! Head over to their Customer Service Facebook page here and tell them how it went! Tell them you heard about it from Northern Illinois Couponing!
  • You can sign up for Schnupons ( Schnucks mobile coupons) here and you will get a daily text with a coupon good that day only. You can stop anytime. reminder that mobile Schnupons will not triple. It only took one day for me to start getting them!

 So to help you out here is a list of how each coupon will triple:

$0.20 triple to $0.60

$0.25 triple to $0.75

$0.30 triple to $0.90

$0.35 triple to $1.05

$0.40 triple to $1.20

$0.45 triple to $1.35

$0.50 triple to $1.50

$0.55 triple to $1.65

$0.56 and over will be redeemed at face value! (so the remaining coupons over 20 will NOT double)

Other reminders:

I expect this week to be a bit nuts at the stores :)

Reminder to play nice :) Stick to the policy of 20 to triple and 3 like coupons

If you stick to that then we shouldn’t have people clearing shelves (by that  mean someone coming in and getting 50 of one item)

HOT items will probably go FAST.

Dont  worry about what is in the ad. Just organize your coupons, bring them all and start walking the aisles!!!! MUCH of what I got the last time was NOT in the ad!


Before you put your scores from your trip  away set them out, take a picture, and email it to us with a description of what you bought, what coupon you used and how much you paid and saved! We will share on the blog!

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  1. Deb C says

    I can’ remember did they double .55 and lower q’s after you went over your 20 triples?

    • northernillinoiscoup says

      Good question Deb! you can triple 20. You can use more than 20 but they will only be redeeemd at face value (those over 20 will not double!)

    • northernillinoiscoup says

      Amy look to the right on our home page and click on, red plum etc. Select ( in each site) and print away!