Lets work through ibotta Q and A


As many of you know I am really liking the new ibotta app that is out for Andriod and iPhone ( also iPads). If you are not registered, click here to register or here to get more information.

Many of you have contacted me with questions, that honestly , I had to search their site to find an answer. So I thought I would post about some of the issues that have come up lately.

Q: How do you know if the product you want to buy will work with an ibotta offer?

A: Activate the offer in your account. Then when you are shopping, click on the offer. You will see a green bar across the top that says All offers. To the right is a bar code thing. Click on that and you are able to scan the product to see if what you want to buy will work for the ibotta offer!

Q: Do all offers work at every store listed in the ibotta app?

A: Interestingly enough no. Not all offers will work at every store, even if that store is part of ibotta. To check and see what offers are available at what stores you need to see your shopping list. To do that, click redeem at the bottom, then pick a store. Up will pop your shopping list of what ibotta offers you have activated that you can redeem by shopping that particular store. For example if you had activated the Colgate Optic White Mouthwash offer you would see it come up on your Target and CVS ( possibly others) shopping list but NOT Walgreens!

To be honest I had to really dig hard to find the information about this on the ibotta webpage. Now that I know this, it should cut down on issues like this but…not many people may know this OR they may not be able to find the answer!

Q: I bought a correct item but ibotta is saying that my product bar code does not match the ibotta offer

A: I had this happen with Clorox that I purchased at Target. They simply did not have the bar code for the tabs in their system.  I contacted them and they fixed the problem. Had I checked the product ( as stated above) I would have known in the store that the product would not have worked and I simply could have purchased liquid.

Q: There seems to be a problem with the system accepting my receipt. What is wrong?

A: You can see a picture of the “perfect receipt” here. I was initially making the mistake of trying to get the whole receipt in one picture! If you have a long receipt simply take multiple pictures. You do this by taking a picture as shown above, then you hit “add a section” and take the nect section of the receipt, add another section if needed then submit.

Q: can I redeem multiples of the same offer ( for example if I have 2 Colgate can I submit 2 purchases and get 2 ibotta redemptions?

A: Nope. They are one time use only

Q: Why is my receipt saying invalid?

A: it is probably crinkled. See here

Q: How do I know when offers will expire?

A: If you click on Redeem then pick a store it will bring up your shopping list ( what ibotta offers you are able to redeem at that store. Next to each offer it will say the day and time it will expire

I hope these Q and As help a little bit! I am truly loving ibotta. I think knowing the above will make things even a bit easier! If you are looking for more answers to questions or problems you can click here.


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