Target coupon and ibotta shopping


We have some new coupons out today that go along with current ibotta offers! So of course I headed out to Target!

Image - The New Ibotta!

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Total of all before coupons: $10.64 and after coupons $7.64. I submitted for a total of $3.50 from ibotta for a net cost of $4.14!

I completely forgot about Cartwheel but I didnt see these items when I did a quick scan just now ( whew! LOL).

Note that with the exception of the Kool Aid mix all items were regular price – which of course means now that I bought these they will most likely go on sale LOL :) Oh well. Im good with what I paid!

Also did you know that you can freeze the Kool Aid Jammers? My daughter starts summer day camp next week so I will be freezing these for snack time , along with bottled water. Plus those frozen items will help keep her lunch cold in her thermal lunch bag :)

$1.00 off one MAXWELL HOUSE International CoffeeAlso, I priced checked the Maxwell House at Target. They are $2.59 at 173 store so just $1.59 after coupon. Since I still have some I will wait for a sale but $1.59 is a decent price :)

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