My inner weather geek died today Goodbye Eric

Meteorologist Eric Sorensen - Rockford, IL

I have an inner weather geek side to me. Maybe you have noticed it when severe weather is threatening Northern Illinois. Well today my inner weather geek died.

Yesterday WREX Chief Meteorologist Eric Sorenson announced he will be leaving WREX. You can see his post here.

I am so sad. I used to absolutely panic every time there was a chance of severe weather. Over the years I watched Eric deliver a top notch weather forecast with the utmost accuracy. I listened as he told us WHY things happen. When I started this blog I knew I had a medium to help get word out to my readers about potential severe weather. I did that by sharing Eric’s posts on Facebook. I shared Eric’s. No one elses. Why? Because his reports by far where the most accurate around.If he wasnt on Facebook I could always find him on Twitter or on the chat part of the weather blog getting much needed information out to people. And in the end, when the severe weather was over, he told us WHY things happened as they did.

Outside of your amazing weather forecasts, Eric ,you are a joy to watch on TV. Your smile lights up a room. Your love for your family and co workers shines though. Just by watching you we know that you are an amazing person. You have shown us your silly side and your serious side. You have shown us when you hurt and when you are happy. You showed us the amazing person you are.

Yes people come and people go in the world that is nightly news and weather. But when you go, there will be a void that no one else can fill. We are blessed with still being able to watch you for a bit longer. I will be watching every night as always!

I do not know what the future brings for you Eric, but I a sure whatever you do you will do it 110%! I wish you nothing but happiness and success. You have given us here in Rockford so very much over the years. And for that a HEARTFELT THANK YOU!

HATS OFF TO YOU ERIC SORENSON! You are amazing! Thank you for being my go to weather guy for many many years.  You will leave shoes behind that I am not sure anyone can fill! You have set the bar high!


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